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  • “I have heard a ton of positive feedback from all that attended and strong support for doing this event again. Everyone at delivered world class customer service and we are extremely grateful to everyone within your organization.”

    Andrew E. White, Talent Acquisition Specialist, US Army Corps of Engineers, FT Worth District
  • “Hello, I would like to just pass along how much I have enjoyed exploring the virtual job fairs. We have found the platform very easy to interface with. It has allowed me to do it from my office which certainly makes it very efficient for me as well. Thank you and just wanted to pass along some feedback!”

    Department of Human Service Programs, City of Cambridge
  • “We conducted our first online job fair using CareerEco’s platform yesterday and it couldn’t have gone better. Students and employers both commented on the excellent support they received throughout the project from the company as well as the user friendliness of the application. I will use them again.”

    Jeff Shoemaker Director, Employer Development, American Intercontinental University
  • “Thank you for all your support for the Upper Midwest and Greater Missouri HERC virtual career fair. Throughout the process—from our first conversations to the final evaluations—CareerEco provided excellent service. Your staff responded quickly and graciously to our many questions. We found the technology easy to use and CareerEco’s training helpful. Overall, we had a first-rate experience and will recommend CareerEco to others interested in hosting a fair.”

    Dr. Mary Everley, Director, Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium
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    “Gayle and the whole team have been a tremendous partner in helping RecruitMilitary launch our virtual career fair service. We’ve held over 800 physical career fairs and do over 125 each year now. CareerEco’s platform provided us the perfect option to add virtual career fairs as an additional way to connect employers with job seeking veterans. The process couldn’t have been smoother, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. CareerEco is one of the best partners I’ve encountered in over 18 years in the business.”

    Mike Francomb, Sr. VP Technology, RecruitMilitary
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    “Gayle Oliver-Plath, CareerEco CEO and Founder, is clearly passionate about helping you move your organization’s talent sourcing to the next level by inspiring the influence of technology and embracing originality. CareerEco developed a flawless Virtual Career Fair for Onward to Opportunity (O2O), a program that empowers highly qualified transitioning service members, veterans and military spouses with the specific skills, certifications and training required to start successful civilian careers in growing industries. The O2O Virtual Career Fair yielded unprecedented numbers and as a result provided numerous career opportunities for more than 500 career seekers and with over 50 employers. As Director of Employer Outreach for the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, I highly recommend CareerEco for your next recruiting event. I am confident that your organization will be astonished by CareerEco’s attentiveness, professionalism and sure passion for delivering a quality talent sourcing experience. Gayle’s communication style and extension of outreach to the professional communities make her trustworthy enough for me to recommend her company to you and your future career seekers.”

    Anthony Cosby, Director Employer Outreach, Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University
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    “GHFP-II enjoys using your platform to easily meet many students in an easy and accessible venue, and we are excited to see the evolution of your tools and expansion of your events, particularly in the public health and global health areas. We also valued your personalized support.”

    Global Health Fellows Program II
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    “They were phenomenal!! The students were great… all did fabulously. I was far more impressed with this setup than I could have imagined. You did a great job!!”

    Home Depot
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    “Today was kick off day and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association had an excellent experience interacting with all the participants in our chat rooms. We can’t wait to speak with more participants. Again, thank you. You have our interest for future events and look forward to working with you to facilitate more frequent participation with a similar platform.”

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
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    “This was the first time we have participated in a Virtual Career Fair. It was extremely user friendly and we found talent! We can’t wait until it is available again in the Fall. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate!”

  • “It went really well. We just really like how smooth everything runs while the career fair is going on. Thank you for letting us partake!”

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    “We have leveraged CareerEco’s virtual career fairs 3 times now. All were a success. The system is easy to use, and the talent pools are ones we would not be able to meet face to face. We will continue to integrate CareerEco’s virtual career fairs even more in our recruiting strategies for the future. Thanks for your consistently stellar support for these virtual fairs. We really enjoy doing them!”

  • “I was very impressed by how well organized and productive the virtual fair model worked following the event. Looking forward to see this trend flourish and thrive as the war for talent intensifies even further.”

    Fortune 50 Internet company
  • “I will definitely be attending more events next semester. We always have great success from your virtual fairs!”

  • “I just got finished telling everyone that this (the VCF) is my new favorite thing about my job–so thank you! Also, I spoke with my manager and if anyone wants a reference of what you do, you can use Plexus and have them contact me. Again, we are so pleased with what you do.”

  • “We thought the events were very convenient and would participate again. We were very happy with your support, as well.”

    Bender Consulting
  • “I just wanted to reiterate how much we enjoyed the virtual career fair this summer through Career Eco. We had a very positive experience and were incredibly successful at the event. We made two quality hires who we expect will do very well.”

    Amica Mutual Insurance Company
  • “Your fairs have been run extremely well and we always enjoy participating.”

    Kelly Services
  • “I’m sure you’ve already heard this from others, but the virtual career was great! We’ve already got interviews lined up from it, and look forward to participating in the future.”

    Landis+Gyr (Event Sponsor)
  • “This has been so much fun! I wish you hosted one of these a month. We’d be all over it if you did. :)

    Tata Consultancy Services
  • “The Department of Health Care Services would like to thank CareerEco for their help with the ASPH Virtual Career Fair. CareerEco has made the process of reaching out to college graduates so much easier than we once thought; we will definitely use their services again! Their customer service was phenomenal; they answered every question we had and showed no hesitation in their willingness to help us with every inquiry! I cannot assume this process would have been this easy at any other virtual career fair website. Needless to say, we are thoroughly impressed with CareerEco’s services and, since this virtual career fair has proven to be successful, the DHCS is now in the works of getting more of our divisions to participate in your services. Again, thank you for being so helpful and facilitating the process of attracting the attention of college graduates everywhere.”

    Workforce Planning & Development Office-California Department of Health Care Services
  • “The first virtual fair was a great success with plenty of qualified candidates.”

  • “YES! I was sharing the results with my manager yesterday. As you know, most employers are definitely looking for creative ways of accomplishing the same goals in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. This allowed me to connect with students at a target school without travelling, dealing with scheduling conflicts which limit the number of students you can see….I would definitely do this again;)”

  • “By participating in Virtual Career Fair I was able to communicate with students across country (Wisconsin to Georgia). This saved our company time and money in travel expenses for me (HR Manager) to travel to Georgia as well as the time and money of our managers locally from participating in an all day career fair.”

  • “CareerEco was very organized and provided an excellent platform to screen, assess and have live chats with students and alumni without physically going to an event. It was an efficient and very effective way of recruiting and I highly recommend it to corporate recruiters out there. I especially recommend CareerEco as the host, as they are clearly pioneers in this medium and know how to do it well. Excellent use of time. Bravo! I will definitely do this again.”

    Barclay Software
  • “Another success from our viewpoint. I believe it is how recruiting needs to be done on campus. Today’s generation is more comfortable with this experience as their first step towards their first “real” employer”

    Osmose Utilities Services.
  • “I got four solid job leads while sitting in my living room, drinking coffee. Can't beat that.”

  • “This was a great experience! I was able to search for openings, have my resume viewed, and communicate just with the employers I was interested in, all without leaving my desk. The idea of a virtual career fair takes the pressure off of the job seeker and employer.”

  • “THANK YOU for this great org and resource. You’re truly promoting the very best of the recruiting and eco-friendly efforts out there.”

  • “The virtual career fair went great. I got one interview already and I am expecting more. I think that this was a great idea and I hope that our school does it again next year.”

  • “I just want to say thank you for help putting on this event. I think this event has been a success for me. The chat provided more of a one on one environment for me to sell myself to the company over a normal job fair. I personally would love to see more of these events for future students and alumni!”

  • “This straightforward approach allows me to find out exactly what type of talent these companies are looking for without having to fill out countless online profiles.”

  • “How great of an idea this is for employers in addition to potential job seekers. It provides one more point of contact for potential candidates with the companies that they are interested in”

  • “I knew the time slot, I get on the computer, and make that connection right away with the recruiter”

  • “This virtual fair can be the thing that changed my life. I can’t even describe how excited I am, and how much I appreciate your efforts.”

  • “Just wanted to comment on how great this virtual fair was! It was a awesome opportunity to get some pressing questions answered without the hassle of traveling to several different schools. I definitely think this is something to keep around for future applicants. Thanks again!”

  • “It was very helpful and made me look at different schools that I didn’t expect I would like as much as I did. Thanks!”

  • “The Virtual Fair was a great opportunity to converse with multiple school representatives, without having to travel or take off time from work. I also got a lot of great information and my questions were answered. I gained knowledge that I wasn’t able to get just from reading a website. Having the public chat room was helpful to see other people’s questions that brought up topics that I might not have thought to ask otherwise.”

  • “The virtual fair was much more accessible than most graduate program fairs. The chat sessions were a unique experience for communication and for information. Sometimes the best part was just knowing that other people had the same questions and concerns. I was able to ask more specific questions, and I was able to receive immediate feedback on my intentions, and questions. It was excellent! Thank you so much. It was an invaluable opportunity.”

  • “I found the chat rooms extremely helpful with other people’s Q&A and the advisors were very helpful as well. I learned so much about the process to applying to PH school. As well, it was an excellent resource to reflect upon for my personal path into public health. Thank you!”

  • “I really appreciated having the profiles of the schools available beforehand. I looked up the ones I was interested in, formed some good questions, specific to me that I knew were not easily answered just by their websites. Chat sessions seemed to be run by knowledgable, friendly people.”

  • “School reps were very willing to talk and listen in this nonformal setting. This information could be very helpful during the application process!”

  • “I found it very helpful to chat with schools that I would not be able to visit, due to time and costs of travel.”

  • “I thought the virtual fair was very useful and convenient. It was also good being able to see questions from other students. Gave me an insight into the experiences and academic career of current students in the program.”

  • “I received a lot of information from the fair. I am grateful for this opportunity provided by you guys!”

  • “I really, really appreciated being able to speak with those who take part in the decision making for the schools. They gave good insight. I also learned from other participants as they asked questions.”

  • “This fair is incredibly informative, I wish I heard of this fair last year to help me when choosing my schools.”

  • “It was very helpful to be able to ask questions to many different schools and receive quick responses. Also, I could observe others’ questions that I had not thought to ask. It is a really innovative way of getting to know how all this “applying to universities” is, and you can get all your questions answered, helping you have a better idea of where you want to go study.”

  • “Participation is very cheap, no travel expenses and access to information is even quicker.”

  • “The Virtual Fair was extremely convenient and useful. I was able to communicate with multiple schools of my interest and ask questions. This Virtual Fair also saved me time and travelings fees if I were to visit the schools’ campuses instead.”

  • “Awesome information.”

  • “I thought the fair was a great opportunity to be exposed to schools that I had never even thought of. It was a great experience and helped answer a lot of questions. It was nice to have the instant one-on-one interaction.”

  • “It wildly exceeded my expectations.”

  • “This was a great idea. The whole system was very user friendly.”

  • “I feel that this was great concept for seeing so many colleges and universities in different areas, and learning about more about them. It gave me an opportunity to ask questions that may not have been answered on their website and to see other potential students’ questions that I may not have thought to ask.”

  • “Make sure to keep this Virtual Fair. Re-do it again sometime soon.”

  • Read an article about the SOPHAS Virtual Career Fairs (Public Health Schools Admissions) Click here

  • “The organized chat responses are extremely useful, and the way the chat function is set up it is much easier to follow the conversation and make sure to respond to all applicants. It is also much more intuitive, so easier to use for new staff members who are helping out. The private chat is also very valuable and easier to use while still keeping track of group chats!”

    Boston University School of Public Health
  • “This was the first time I have done this but this was an awesome idea very beneficial for applicants who have to work and can not visit the campus right now!!! Great job!!!”

  • “This was the most economical, high impact event we have ever participated in. I talked with my director about possibly doing fairs like this on a quarterly basis.”

  • “Extremely efficient; much positive faculty feedback; cost-effective.”

  • “Feedback was almost immediate and helpful. It gave our school very valuable information for recruitment. The data package is great.”

  • “I was able to talk with many more students than I might otherwise. It saved us money, and most importantly, I was able to provide them with information they needed right away (by linking to our website).”

  • “We have tried something similar before; however, we had much better results from CareerEco’s fair. The students were well prepared and this event generated much interest in our programs. We felt the communication sent to all participants helped make this event very successful and we will definitely be participating in future events.”

  • “The Virtual Fair is a cost-effective means of reaching several hundred students. We really valued the visibility and diversity of students we could reach worldwide.”

  • “This was our first time attending a virtual fair and the experience was great. We were able to talk with multiple students with interest in our programs. Now we can add these students to our prospective student list and hope to turn their interest into application and matriculation. Nowhere else could we have communicated with the variety of students we had in our chat rooms.”

  • “This was a great opportunity to connect with prospective applicants who live in areas we are not able to travel to.”

  • “Virtual Fairs not only connect in an additional way with our own students, we also have the opportunity to strengthen the diversity of the pool to which we are exposed, and from which we’ll accept students.”

  • “The ease with which this fair and school pages, etc. was set up in comparison to others I’ve done was wonderful! It was much easier, and honestly, a lot more interactive. Support staff (they helped so much!!!!) Great communications. Thank you, CareerEco for helping me improve enrollment at my school!”

  • “It was a wonderful experience chatting with students and having the capability to do it from my own work desk.”

  • “This is an excellent way to have contact with students that we normally would not. It also was a wonderful opportunity to speak directly with them and answer all of their questions.”

  • “These fairs are able to provide information in a quick format for students looking to clarify or ask simple questions. Being able to have prefabbed answers stored to answer the most frequently asked questions was a very dynamic feature that I did use often.”

  • “It was a great way to reach students.”

  • “The Virtual Fair was an excellent way to reach a number of students in a short amount of time. I thought two days and the open hours were exactly enough time.”

  • “I would be delighted to participate in any future Virtual Fair events.”

  • “The Virtual Fair allowed me to increase production at and away from desk. As one of the go-to persons for Admissions and Advising, I was able to academically advise several applicants while at the same time, perform various administrative tasks.”

  • “Organized, helpful, and we were able to make connections.”

  • “There were many students who had questions that were easily answered to their specifications in a much shorter timeframe than email or phone conversations of the same.”

  • “I thought we had a good number of participants and the fair was very easy to use.”

  • “loved to have prefabbed answers already loaded up and to simply click on and send to either an individual student, or the whole chat room. Was very nice!”

  • “I was happy with the interaction. I like the option of being able to chat privately with them or just with the group.”

  • “We do believe our goals were achieved … significant amount of ‘traffic’ with lots of good questions and follow-up communication.”

  • “Surprisingly, I only had one student who requested a video chat with me. It was very successful and I was able to provide him with a lot of information and the feature worked seemlessly!